Stan Otto: Local Craftsman

Stan Otto: Local Craftsman

All About Stan

  • Third generation Carpenter
  • Completed commercial art program in High School
  • Completed Environmental Design program at Grant MacEwan
  • Worked in Graphics/Sign industry
  • Graduated U of A with Bachelor of Fine Art, Sculpture and Painting major



Woodmonkey - Custom Woodworking in Edmonton & area

From the initial idea or inspiration to the finished work, balancing form and function are the main focus when we approach a project. With commissioned work, whether it is a built in or a piece of furniture, it is our intention to work closely with the client to collaborate on a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether we are matching existing furniture or building something that is unique, input from the client is essential to the process. It can start by taking a few measurements then a simple sketch. Once the sketch has been approved by the client a working AutoCAD drawing is done and materials are chosen. Then the building process begins. The goal is to produce work that meets the needs of the client and is of heirloom quality. If it is a piece of furniture it will be solidly built, enjoyed for a lifetime and passed down to future generations.

As local craftsmen and furniture makers we feel it is important to utilize sustainable wood products as well as local or national resources and suppliers. Many of my pieces of furniture are made with the intention of using wood species that are native to Canada, though a variety of different types of wood and solid wood are optional. The most common species used are birch, maple, oak, cherry and walnut.

Many of our recent pieces have a mission or craftsman inspired look as it is a style that stands the test of time and changing tastes. Though it has been around for over a hundred years there has been a renewed interest in the craftsman style that can be seen in many new housing developments. It is a timeless style that works well in most settings with its clean lines and unadorned simplicity, whether building a house or a piece of fine furniture.

**Woodmonkey is a licensed and registered company with liability insurance.

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